Whether its slow cooked organic meats with melting cheese or fresh vegetarian fillings, we have a flatgrill that’s just right for you on our handmade paninis.

Fast Food

The Beef Brisket

Slow cooked organic beef brisket, double monterey jack cheese, DannyBoys mayonnaise and homemade BBQ sauce.

Fast Food

The Cuban

Shaved leg ham, mojo roast pork, Swiss cheese, zesty dill pickles, American mustard and DannyBoys homemade mayonnaise.

Fast Food

The Buffalo Chicken

Oven-roasted free-range chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, baby rocket, homemade ranch dressing & DannyBoys buffalo sauce.

Fast Food

The Veg  

DannyBoys ‘guaca-salsa’ avocado, fire roasted green peppers, mozzarella cheese, baby rocket & DannyBoys homemade mayonnaise.