Our story + Our Mission + Our culture + Our values

Our Story

Believe it or not the DannyBoys story begins in the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean. The founder and CEO of DannyBoys – Daniel McKennariey worked as a private Chef on Super Yachts and private Estates all over the USA, Europe and Caribbean. The original plan was to open a restaurant back in his home country Australia, however the vision shifted after seeing a gap in the market and a passion for making the simple sandwich the best it could be. During his travels he soon came to realise that while each country may have their own cuisine, they all have one thing in common….. everyone loves a great sandwich! DannyBoys opened its doors in Brisbane in April 2011. Since then, DannyBoys has garnered a cult following of Uni students and local office workers alike.



Our Mission

At DannyBoys We Make People Feel Good About What They’re Eating by Incorporating Authentic Food And Flavours With Everyday people.

We Aim To Re-Establish The Mainstream Perception Of Fast Food Because We Believe It Can And Should Be Amazing! 

We Don’t Just Feed Belly’s!


Our Culture

At DannyBoys we know that our success comes from our amazing staff in our Restaurants, production facility and Head office. We know how important every member of the DannyBoys family is and we’ll continue to work hard at making DannyBoys a great place to work.

Our Values


At DannyBoys we believe in long held traditional methods of bread making, without the use of additives. 

We rely on quality ingredients and slow fermentation to produce a unique and distinctive flavour. All our bread is made and baked in-store throughout the day. When it comes to ingredients, there are no secrets.



Whether you are looking for meatless, avoiding gluten or keeping an eye on calories, there’s a favourite for you.

We’re all about making Rockstar sandwiches that you can eat and feel good about. 



 DannyBoys is involved in the community through DannyBoys Doughnation and Streetlight. Giving to people in need one sandwich at a time.